筑前津屋崎人形巧房の公式通販サイトです。 ・筑前津屋崎人形巧房とは 福岡県知事より認定されている「津屋崎人形」を作っている唯一の工房です。 ・津屋崎人形とは 古博多人形の流れを汲む土人形で、素朴さと鮮やかな色彩が特徴の郷土玩具・郷土芸術です。 製作には“二枚型による手押し製法”で作られます。 この製法は、熟練した技術を要し、一つ一つの人形を手作業で作るため量産に向きません。 しかし、量産品にはない、どっしりとした土人形の重みが感じられます。 現在津屋崎人形を作っているのは本工房のみです。 津屋崎人形は「福岡県特産民芸品」に指定されており、また平成21年に福津市より、優れた工芸品として「福津の極み」に認定されています。 本工房は、創業240年以上の歴史を持ち、現在は七代目である原田誠が匠の技を受け継いでいます。 また代々伝わってきている土型は、モマ笛(江戸時代)やごん太(明治時代)など、1000点以上あり、大切に保存されてます。 ときおり昔の型を使い、長く作られていなかった人形を復刻し、このストアで販売しております。 また工房内では津屋崎人形のモマ笛絵付け体験ができます。 ご予約は以下のリンクからお願いいたします。 https://coubic.com/tsuyazaki-ningyo/779919 住所 :福岡県福津市津屋崎3ー14ー3 筑前津屋崎人形巧房 代表 原田 翔平 営業時間 :9時〜18時 (火・水曜日は定休日) 連絡先 :0940-52-0419 This is the official online store of Tsuyazaki Ningyo Kobo. About Tsuyazaki Ningyo Kou-bou: Tsuyazaki Ningyo Kou-bou is the only workshop recognized by the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture for producing "Tsuyazaki Ningyo" dolls. About Tsuyazaki Ningyo: Tsuyazaki Ningyo is a traditional folk toy and art form that follows the lineage of ancient Hakata dolls. It is known for its rustic charm and vibrant colors. The dolls are handcrafted using a technique called "nimaigata" where two molds are used. This method requires skilled craftsmanship, and each doll is made individually, resulting in a sense of solidity and weight that cannot be found in mass-produced items. Tsuyazaki Ningyo dolls are designated as "Fukuoka Prefecture Traditional Craft" and have been recognized as an excellent craftsmanship under the name "Fukutsu no Kiwami" by the city of Fukutsu since 2009. Our workshop has a history of over 240 years, and the current seventh-generation craftsman, Makoto Harada, continues to inherit the masterful techniques. We also treasure over 1,000 traditional molds that have been passed down through generations, including Momafue(Moma flute from the Edo period) and Gonta (Gonta dolls from the Meiji period). Occasionally, we revive old molds that haven't been used for a long time and sell those dolls on this online store. In addition, we offer the opportunity to experience painting Moma flutes at our workshop. Please make a reservation through the following link: https://coubic.com/tsuyazaki-ningyo/779919 Address: 3-14-3 Tsuyazaki, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture Tsuyazaki Ningyo Kou-bou Representative: Shohei Harada Business Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) Contact: 0940-52-0419 International Shipping Available About Customs Duties and Taxes Your final payment on our website includes the price of the product and shipping costs, but does not include any other fees required for international shipping, such as import taxes, customs duties, and other fees. Please be aware that in all cases you are responsible for paying any import fees applied to your order. These fees are set in detail for each country and region, and the rules are revised frequently. Please make sure that information is up to date when you place an order. Refunds due to customs or import issues that are not our responsibility will not be accepted.